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Orgasmic Living The Journey, is a fresh look at what has been written about since the 1930’s, but very rarely talked about. With so much information out there on manifestation & personal empowerment , Michelle LLC always felt like something was missing. She thought the issue was within her. Michelle spent years seeking knowledge and the solution to fix the issue.  Only to find out she was not the issue, but the solution and it was within her all along.

Trapped in the good opinions of others and the painful experiences that replayed over and over in her heart and head. Pleasing others at the cost of herself wasn’t the answer. Finding validation outside of herself pushed her further away from the love and life she desperately deserved and desired. It was when she woke up one day and realized she was the reason and the solution. There was a natural balance that was disrupted within her and this needed to be corrected.  Years of study led her to glass doors where she could see the life that was awaiting her but couldn’t reach. She was getting to the threshold and the doors were slamming shut. She finally saw IT and INNERstood something that was so simple… Once she INNERstood the ORGASMIC energy was ready and flowing, she too was ready for ORGASMIC Living. She discovered the keys that had been hidden in plain view and vowed to share them with the world.

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