ORGASMIC Living: The Journey | Power in the Prison Bound Books

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Power in Prison
Compete the following form to have your copy or Orgasmic Living sent to a prison of your choice. (If you don’t complete the form, we’ll choose one for you)
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Donate a copy or two to someone you know or someone who is incarcerated. Join me in turning on FAITH & teaching the keys behind the Secret. 

We want the best for those we love, to hope for better things and get them. Unfortunately our prison system is set up to destroy hope. The problem with hope, is it compatible with fear, judgment, shame, guilt and doubt. That’s why we must have a knowing which is known as Faith.  Those that have a solid FAITH typically have the tools to withstand the challenges of life. Many of those incarcerated need the KEYs to their own value and the knowledge of the unlimited possibility awaiting them. As a former Juvenile Detention Officer and Outreach Coordinator, I have had a huge heart for those incarcerated. Outside of the injustices the system holds, I sent years empowering individuals personal responsibility and INNERstanding. A broken system does not have to equal broken people. We must remember most that are locked up, were also thrown away as children.  

Send to your love one or gift the gift of hope.


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