The Michelle LLC & Divine Vision Center for “Healing & Self Discovery” are here to help you expand you mind,  heal any hurts, reach the stars, and create the world you are dreaming of. Through healing the self is discovered, we offer services that will support and empower you. We look forward to walking with you as you discover you!

Deluxe Transformational Thought Training & Coaching


This is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a big difference for many of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence.

Deep dive into the why behind the thoughts to release blocks and redesign the narrative. This allows for a new powerful orgasmic flow of energy to infuse your world to elevate you. With Guided meditation and or a Clarity and Conformation Reading to give you even stronger support.

Transformational Thought Training & Coaching


Deep dive into the why behind the thoughts to release blocks and redesign the narrative. This allows for a new powerful orgasmic flow of energy to infuse your world to elevate you.

Orgasmic Living Session


Similar to Transformational Thought Training with the teaching and tools around the powers of Orgasmic energy. This is for those that are looking to elevate Mind~Body~Spirit and practice oneness. These sessions are uniquely designed to provide personalized tools and can include different practices which will be discussed during our sessions and will only take place with permission. This too is one of our most popular services available. It’s made a huge impact in the lives of our customers, and is provided with the highest level of excellence and privacy.



Meditation techniques to empower new and empowered thoughts and results.  Session can be recorded if agreed upon by both parties. 

Podcast & Interviews

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Gifted with 2 powerful decks that work under the guild to only serve the GREATEST GOOD. With your permission we will ask for all wisdom to bring forth a message of clarity, conformation and truth. These cards will not manipulate or persuade a situation or person. They will only empower.

Speaking Groups & Retreats

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Add an innovative dimension to any conversation. Michelle brings a powerful wealth of knowledge to the table in all discussions or interviews. Leave your audience with a transformational experience. transformational experience. 

DVC Project Hope: Youth, Parent, & Educational


Our Mission is to create a powerful learning environment that allows students from all walks of life and their parents the ability to design a path that is intentional and in alignment with their purpose and gifts. Through group and individual events, trainings and programs, students, parents, and educators will be awaken to the control and responsibility they have always had but never tapped into. While these programs are open to all, the targeted audience and client are individuals that would not otherwise be exposed to these life changing opportunities especially in low income and no income communities. Community and individual involvement is vital for us to create a solid foundation with sponsors, partnerships and alliances while we invite and encourage each other.


($25 FOR 15 MIN – $50 FOR 45 MIN)

In today’s world stress is at an all time high. Fear and uncertainty are being spread like wildfires. Michelle LLC has created the wellness check in. This is a powerful way to vent and be renewed while she holds space for you. Being heard is a powerful gift and receiving words of encouragement can be life changing. This wellness check in is a power punch to super charge you back to your highest self. Your mental & emotional immunity are just as important as your physical immunity.


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Michelle LLC leads you in a personalized guided meditation for self compassion, self-awareness, release and to rewrite depending on your needs. Creating a space to help you handle the ups and downs of life while being empowered to create a new relationship with yourself and the world around you. 


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